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Sofa Cleaning

Sofa Cleaning

There are a lot of sofa cleaning companies out there these days. The thing is you need a sofa cleaning company who cares about their customers as well as making that dollar. This would be our Sofa Cleaning Fountain Valley.

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Tile Cleaning

Tile Cleaning

For anybody visiting your property, the tiles on the walls or floor should offer a welcoming atmosphere. The problem with tiles is that they tend to get dirty very quickly and their appeal diminishes with time. If you would like them to serve for longer, then you should contact a company in your area.

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Carpet Cleaning Company

Carpet Cleaning Company

When it comes to carpet cleaning and additional services, Carpet Cleaning Company Fountain Valley is the perfect solution. We have a great variety of cleaning devices and use different techniques depending on the carpet surface and fabric.

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There is always more to learn about carpet cleaning and the various aspects related to it. Below, you will discover a range of tips covering different topics in this field. Read them attentively now and refer back to them whenever you need to jog your memory. It is time to get one step closer to perfection.

The company that renders outstanding carpet cleaning services

Clever tips for effective, fast carpet stain removal! Get the best carpet cleaning ideas here! Does your carpet smell bad? Here you will find the best tips on what to do to remove bad odors!

Vacuuming carpets in not sufficient

Vacuuming carpets twice a week is necessary for good home carpet cleaning because it removes the dust and part of the dirt but the instructions provided by the specialists of Carpet Cleaning Fountain Valley do not stop with vacuuming. High foot circulation would mean you must clean the carpets with water, soap and vinegar often. It will also be best for odor removal, too!

Protect your Persian rugs

House carpet cleaning requires gentle movements, especially when you are vacuuming handmade rugs. For stain removal you should use some vinegar or cooking soda and get some stronger, yet ecological solutions only when the stain is stubborn. Remember that the fireplace and water can be extremely bad enemies of your oriental rugs and sunlight will alter the colors. Mold inspection will help you prevent problems.

Never wipe the stains

When it comes to dealing with isolated stains, you should not wipe them, no matter how tempted you are. Instead, blot them as soon as possible in order to prevent the stain from going deep into the carpet. Keep in mind that using detergents can help you deal with particularly stubborn stains.

Do not wipe spills on the carpet

The typical immediate reaction of homeowners when something spills on the carpet is to wipe the liquid with a cloth. However, our experts say that this is the wrong way to do it. Wiping could only spread the stain more. You could try dabbing and spotting with an absorbent cloth instead.

Vacuum upholstery from the top down

This will save you time and effort and help you achieve better results at the same time. Remember to attach the upholstery tool to the vacuum. For tight areas such as those around the armrests, use the crevice tool. It is best to remove the cushions and vacuum them separately.

Carpet Cleaning Fountain Valley

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